Raider Academy Login Instructions

Raider Academy Login Instructions
Posted on 09/03/2020


We are one week into the 2020-21 journey and we acknowledge that the Raider Academy ride has started off a bit bumpy! We currently have 352 students enrolled in Raider Academy which is comparable to the size of a single school building! We understand that some Raider Academy families have had challenges connecting to their online courses and we are doing all we can to address your questions in a timely manner. Each day we learn more about the roadblocks you are facing and are trying our best to reply quickly with solutions. The District will not hold Raider Academy students accountable for attendance if they were unable to log in this week. On the other hand, many Raider Academy students have successfully logged in and have already started their course work. Those students are facing different challenges which we also address in this communication.

We have compiled this list of very detailed instructions that must be followed exactly as described in order to successfully access your Raider Academy courses and proceed with your assignments.

STEP ONE:  Refer to the instructions that were handed out with your iPad.
If you no longer have your copy, CLICK HERE. These instructions answer multiple questions we are still receiving, including the step that asks for an apple ID which needs to be skipped, and basic steps on how to set up your iPad. These instructions must be completed before you can proceed to Step Two.

STEP TWO: GO TO SETTINGS, scroll down to “Safari” and make the following changes:

  • Find “Block Pop-Ups” and turn it OFF (gray)
  • Select "Clear Browser History and Data"
  • Go to “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” and turn it OFF (gray)
  • Go to “Block all Cookies” and turn it OFF (gray)


  • Open Safari. 
  • Enter: 
  • The login screen you see next will tell you to "only use Chrome or Firefox" but if you completed the setting instructions as listed in Step Two, Safari will work for you. Safari is the preferred browser for iPads.
  • Your login credentials (username and password) are the same as last year. On Thursday, September 3, 2020, login credentials will be resent to ALL students who are currently registered for Raider Academy. This email will come from Please check your spam/junk folders.
  • If you have tried the steps above and still need your credentials, please contact with the following information:
    • Subject Line: Raider Academy Credentials
    • Parent’s full name
    • Student’s full name and grade

If you are sure you are entering your credentials correctly and you still can’t get into Genius, your child might not actually be registered for Raider Academy. There has been some confusion between the two instructional models Raider Academy and 100% Remote. If your credentials don’t seem to be working, please contact with the following information and we will assist you:

  • Subject Line: Raider Academy
  • Parent’s full name
  • Student’s full name and grade

When you reach your dashboard, you will see your courses. Clicking on a course will take you to what is called a “buzz screen.” If you get a blank “buzz screen” you didn’t correctly set your Safari settings. Repeat Step Two. Here is an example of the Dashboard screen and the Buzz screen:

RA Dashboard                           
RA Buzz Screen

Once you have successfully reached your dashboard, all technical issues and questions pertaining to the online courses, need to be directed to the cyber program providers listed below. MASD is not able to assist with coursework, lessons or assignments because this is not our system. 

  • Accelerate Education Support: 866.705.5575 or
    We have been informed by parents that this hotline number has been very helpful in solving their issues. Keep that number handy!
    ontact Accelerate Education if you get a pop-up called “My Ideal” which means your course timed out before you were finished.
  • CAOLA, 717-732-8403
    CAOLA is the provider of the Genius platform. Contact CAOLA for issues such as: saving an assignment, progressing through screens, screen isn’t loading. 
  • Here are some other helpful troubleshooting resources for Genius and Accelerate Education:

Students may see a note from Accelerate Education recommending the use of an app called Audacity for voice recording. This app is not available for iPad. Instead, please use the preloaded Voice Memo app on the iPad instead.

If you have thoroughly completed Steps 1-4 as described above and you still cannot log into Genius, we are offering a Raider Academy Help Desk on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 AT THE HIGH SCHOOL FROM 8AM-4PM to get your child into their courses. All visitors must wear a mask and are required to have their temperature taken. Please bring your iPad fully charged. 

Each day more Raider Academy students are successfully making their way through the process and beginning their work. The District is still dealing with students shifting between instructional models and we are overloaded with parent communications. We are so grateful for your patience and support as we navigate these strange times.

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