Internship Spotlight - Kaylee Bloom

Internship Spotlight - Kaylee Bloom
Posted on 12/17/2019
Kaylee Bloom

Kaylee Bloom has always loved animals, but it wasn’t until she was assigned as an intern at the Companion Animal Hospital that she discovered she wanted to spend her life caring for them. “I never knew what I wanted to do when I ‘grew up’, but I decided to just try something that I knew I loved. My parents have always told me to find something I love to do because I’ll be spending every day doing it.”

Companion Animal Hospital in Mt Joy, PA is a vet clinic for emergency walk-ins and appointments as well as a hospital for surgeries and procedures. The facility specializes in orthopedic care and even offers underwater therapy. In addition, they have boarding kennels for overnight stays when needed.

Before starting her internship, Kaylee had no idea how much she would fall in love with Veterinarian medicine. “I have learned so much here. I’ve learned more about animals in my few months here than I have in my entire life.” Kaylee assists with kennel cleaning and takes animals outdoor for potty breaks. She gets to observes surgeries and procedures performed by the veterinarians. And unfortunately, she also helps with euthanized animals. “I assist with the process after the animal has died. We bag them for the animal morgue and sometimes we prepare a coffin for the owner. As a keepsake for the owner, we create clay pawprints of their pet’s feet.”

On the brighter side, Kaylee enjoys seeing many animals recover and being healthier at their follow-up appointments. She has also had some unique experiences she likes to talk about. “We had a pet skunk that had its glands removed, a pet swan with a broken foot, and a rat that needed a tumor surgically removed.” And then there was a little kitten that was found in a truck engine. The hospital staff named it Diesel. Diesel been adopted by a caring family.

Kaylee’s internship experience has firmed up her post-graduation plans. Kaylee will be heading to York Technical Institute to earn her Veterinarian Technician certification. Techs can do more than a vet assistant such as dentals appointments and health check-ups. “I didn’t know what to expect but it has actually made me want to do this as my career. I love coming here every day!”

And THAT is exactly the goal of senior internships!

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