Are You Ready for Weather Alerts?

Are You Ready for Weather Alerts?
Posted on 11/24/2019

Ready for alerts?

Middletown Area School District uses a communication system called SchoolMessenger to send important messages to MASD parents via phone, text and email. Parents are informed of District announcements, emergencies, and school closings and delays through SchoolMessenger.

As we approach the winter season, we suggest you log in to your SchoolMessenger account to make sure your information is correct. We also highly recommend you keep all three notification options selected, PHONE, TEXT AND EMAIL, because some of our messages are ONLY sent by email. If you deselect email you will not receive those messages. Some parents think they are setting their preferences ONLY for weather alerts and choose to only receive a text. These parents will then miss everything that is sent by phone, such as an emergency in your child's school, or by email, which we use for all non-emergency situations. 

Another reason you may not be receiving our communications is because you have blocked our address. This happens when you UNSUBSCRIBE to any email we send. Since you have the right to privacy, we cannot reverse your preference or unblock our messages.

Every time we send a message we receive a report which gives us specific details about the delivery status to your inbox.
The report for the most recent message generated the following statistics:

53% of our list OPENED the email
36% of our list RECEIVED it but did not OPEN the email

8% of our list has BLOCKED our email address

3% of our list was UNDELIVERABLE due to incorrect emails

Whether you are in the 53% or the 3%, we recommend you log in to SchoolMessenger to check all your contact information. 
We don't want you to miss out on anything!

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